Click on these links for a sampling of our contributions to Canadian Lacrosse.

Lacrosse, The National Game of Canada by W.G. Beers, 1869
Lacrosse, and How To Play It by W.K. McNaught, 1880
‘For The Love Of The Game’ Poster Offer
Excelsior History, A Brief Snapshot
Excelsior Championships
Excelsior Memorial Awards
Excelsiors 1893

Excelsiors 1914
Excelsiors 1924 Intermediate Champions
Excelsiors 1930 Mann Cup Souvenir Book
Excelsiors 1930 Intermediates
Excelsiors 1930 Juniors
Excelsiors 1938 Juniors
Excelsiors 1952 Juniors – Minto Cup Program

Excelsiors 1958 Juniors

George ‘Mush’ Thompson
Jerry Kendall 1935
George ‘Potsy’ Burrows 1947
Carl Armstrong 1952 Minto Cup Certificate

John McCauley 1960
Bruce McClure
Dr. W.W. Bartlett
George Sproule
George Sproule Memorial Plaque
Jack Burrell
Jim Clevely
Wayne Thompson
Bill Wanless
Pete Anthony 1943
John Ford
Brian Green

George Farr’s Jersey
Globe Shield 1930
Mann Cup
Minto Crest 1952
Minto Cup

(If YOU have any Excelsior memorabilia and would consider letting us post it on our website, Contact WebMaster@excelsiors.com)

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